St. Vincent's Church Case Study

Location: St. Vincent's Church of Madison, NJ

Facility Type: Church

Products Used: Red Oak and Maple Hardwood Planks


As is the case for many of the projects we work on, there is a process that an owner goes through to decide what look they want. Sometimes the starting point of the look is totally different from the final products that are installed. This was the case for St. Vincent’s Church.


One of the most difficult parts of the job was the layout.

The pews were not in the church when we installed the wood so it was imperative the flooring layout was accurate. J.R. Prisco Construction worked with us to provide several budgetary plans before the client settled on this beautiful hardwood flooring.



Vermont Plank Flooring out of Brattleboro, Vermont supplied the sixteen-foot long planks of red oak and maple hardwood for the insets. As you can see from the pictures, the installation came out beautifully and it will last a lifetime.

Hardwood Key Benefits: Hardwood Flooring is a renewable natural resource. The tight grain and durable nature of the wood provides a rich and long wearing product. Oak trees are plentiful and more than half of all hardwood-producing trees in the United States are oaks. Oak is the most prevalent domestic hardwood flooring choice. Its appeal is a strong aesthetic character, durable and can blend with virtually any décor.

Hear what our client has to say.

"It is this vision that brought forth our church renovation. We spent many, many months re-educating ourselves about sacred space, working with one another to identify our needs and priorities for our church building, discerning what configuration would foster the best experience of worship and choosing the artisans and tradesmen who would craft this work of art. Indeed, this renovation is truly the work of our people."

—St. Vincent's Church