Guardian Pharmaceutical Case Study

Location: Guardian Pharmaceutical of Cranbury, NJ

Facility Type: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

Products Used: Porcelain tiles, Milliken carpet tiles, Armstrong Raffia BBT bio-based tiles, Sanitary wall finishes from Altro “white rock”


Located in Cranbury NJ, Guardian Pharmaceutical manufacturers medicines in this location. The company expanded their operation significantly with the addition of three floors adding a much-needed main entrance, cafeteria, restroom facilities, office space, laboratories and manufacturing spaces. CFIC was hired by Bancroft Construction out of Delaware to provide all of the flooring products in the facility.


This was a large-scale, two-year project.

It required constant project management and teamwork to provide lasting results across the entire facility.


With designs created by KSD Architects, CFIC installed large format porcelain tiles in the lobby and in the cafeteria. CFIC provided Milliken carpet tiles for the office spaces. CFIC provided Armstrong Raffia BBT bio-based tiles in all the laboratories. Finally, CFIC installed some sanitary wall finishes from Altro “white rock” in the manufacturing areas.

Key Product Benefit: BBT Tile is an environmentally friendly tile product. It has a subtle striated effect in the product that gives a nice gentle pattern to the tile without looking very patterned. Accents were added to create visual interest in the space.