Harley-Davidson Case Study

Location: Harley-Davidson of Eatontown, NJ

Facility Type: Retail Store - New Construction

Products Used: Two layers of Uzin PE 260 substrate primer and New Carpet with PVC backing


Harley-Davidson of Eatontown, New Jersey was looking to update their carpet flooring due to high traffic use. Our team at Commercial Flooring and Interior Concepts was faced with many challenges when it came to the subfloor. This project had an old, black glue residue left from a VCT floor. Our team had to evaluate the subfloor and determine the proper products to use to ensure a long-lasting new floor.


Harley-Davidson’s floor had an old black glue residue left from the old VCT floor.

This may not seem harmful, but in fact, if the old and new adhesives are not compatible, the solution could have become a sticky and slimy mess. The old and new adhesive could fight one another, and basically work against each another, causing major issues in the future.


We took the time to educate our clients about these issues and provide a solution. We applied two layers of Uzin PE 260 substrate primer over the black glue residue to encapsulate the old adhesive. Afterwards, we were able to install the new carpet that had a PVC backing to ensure a long-lasting flooring solution.

Key Product Benefit: The use of the Uzin PE 260 substrate primer. We were able to use this over the black glue residue to provide a clean working subfloor for the new carpet.