Wine and Spirits Distributor

Location: New Jersey

Facility Type: Corporate, Wine and Spirits Distributor

Products Used: Porcelain Tiles, Broadloom Carpet, Rubber Flooring


A few years ago, a large Wine and Spirits Distributor in NJ bought a building and hired the Yedlin Company to do the flt out. Two of their floors accommodate hundreds of employees. CFIC was hired to install porcelain tiles in the lobby on the walls (two stories up) and in all of the bathrooms. CFIC was also responsible to install the walk off entry carpet, the rubber flooring in the service corridor and the stairwells and to install a patterned cushion backed broadloom throughout all the offices.


When the carpet arrived and we started working with it, we discovered that there was an issue with the ends of the broadloom. The carpet had become bowed when it was put on the coater to attach a cushion to the carpet. We were not able to correct the 2-inch bow in the carpet at the ends.

The carpet chosen was a high-quality gold small grid like pattern with attached cushion from the factory. The difficulty with installing patterns in broadloom carpet is matching the pattern in both directions. This is made more difficult because of the attached cushion. Small grid like patterns are the toughest patterns to install and with cushion it is even more difficult to stretch the carpet. It is imperative that the patterns get measured at the factory and each roll sequenced so that the largest pattern measured gets installed first and the next size pattern gets installed next. This is to allow for the carpet installer to stretch the carpet to match the pattern. There were 15 shots of broadloom carpet attached side to side across the entire width of the building that all had to be patterned matched. Most carpet companies know nothing about having to do this.


We worked with the manufacturer to allow us to cut off a foot from the end of the carpet to remove the bowing. The manufacturer shipped us additional carpet to complete the job. We are happy to report that we delivered on that despite the challenges we faced.

Key Product Benefit: The white porcelain tile used for the lobby walls provides a stunning statement of classic elegance. The use of broadloom carpet allowed us to achieve the look and style the client desired. This would have been difficult to create by using carpet tile or other product types.